Garden Notes (1)

Garden notes (from a novice):

1) Worried I waited a little too long to get these things planted, but I know better than to not try. If you think you can’t go from shriveling to thriving, just wait. Put those babies in the ground and see what some space, sun, nutrients, water, and time will do.

2) Remember that the pumpkins died TWICE. Once from frost and again from forgetting to water them in a drought. We thought they were done. Look at them! The picture does their bushiness no justice. They are majestic.

3) If you don’t keep redirecting the tomatoes they will grow sideways out of their cage and knock the thing over. Setting that all right will mean breakage for some of that tomato growth. Keep those vines in check routinely for best results.

4) Save some seeds for later. If you plant them all at once, they will get crowded. You’ll have too much all at once and none left for later. I don’t know why this didn’t occur to me sooner but lesson learned.

And as I just told my kids, don’t expect to be good at something the first time you try it. Keep trying. You have the time to figure it out.

You can bet these are all metaphors for my life. I trust you to extract them accordingly.

Side note: Anyone want fresh garden lettuce? Come get some, there’s plenty to share 😂🥗

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I'm Bre Strobel, a stay at home mom of two. I love stories, and I love sharing my story. Stories bring us together and allow us to relate to people in all walks of life. I write to entertain, relate and inspire.

3 thoughts on “Garden Notes (1)

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    Around the house we can build up our own safe haven, offering us some nice colours by the variety nature offers us. But sometimes it also can be a voyage full of trials to get something nice. In the end the result can be magnificent and giving peace.


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