Cry It Out Controversy (Just a Heads Up)

Another busy week of learning my infant’s sleep schedule. We’ve had some hits and misses, no home runs. I’m feeling anxious about my ability to work from home with a baby who wants to be held all the time but is too alert when we’re holding her. Yet she cries almost any time she’s not in our arms (she’s working on it).

In my search for the best sleep method for my baby I’ve noticed there are two primary methods, each condemning the other. As I chip away at the mass of information, I’m working out my own parenting philosophy. That’s what we do as parents, right? I’m taking notes and preparing a post on the whole cry-it-out topic.

Really, I’m seeking to answer the question of baby-led schedule or parent-led schedule for my own unique situation.

Anyway, I’m going to need a little grace with this one. I know it can be a touchy subject with parents and even those without kids. So here’s a fair warning that I’m going there.


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