Lament of a Sleep Deprived Momma

  ^ The face of a baby who won’t sleep. 

Please assume from now on if I don’t appear on one of my regular posting days it’s because a) sleep was more important, and b) my hands were busy holding a baby most of the day. 

I know nobody really cares if I miss days sporadically, but it was a personal goal of mine–a goal which I’m failing to reach miserably. I try to write posts ahead of time, but so much changes from my head to the page to the blog post. Just, ugh. 

On the plus-side, this baby has taken two long naps in her bassinet today. Hurrah, hurrah, I can soon be a productive family member. As the breadwinner it’s kind of a necessity, as much as I love “just” being a mommy. 

For now, losing sleep at night due to a newborn who’s learning to sleep alone. Yes, she still hates it. But schedules are good. 

Pray we figure out a schedule. 


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